Long for it. Pray for it. Thank the gods!
Desire it. Lust for it. Say it is so!

Milk it. Drain it. Let it rot—
Revive it. Reanimate it. Let it flow.

Neglect it. Regret it. Hope it fades…
Stalk it. Leap at it. Watch it fly.

Retrace it. Embrace it—but you’ve been played.
Kill for it. Tackle it. Bleed it dry.

Toy with it. Tear it down. Set it free!
Ensnare it. Forget it. Let it drop.

What can you do to an “Opportunity”—and what can it do for you?

LO Lai Lai Natalie

LO Lai Lai Natalie was born in 1983 in Hong Kong. She received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017. Formerly a travel journalist, LO currently focuses on artistic creations related to natural ecology. At present, she is learning agriculture at collective organic farm Sangwoodgoon (Hong Kong), while exploring the lifestyle of “Half-Farmer, Half-X”, a practice that prompts her to examine alternative lifestyles and the autonomy as both an artist and a Hong-Konger. LO’s research concerns issues such as food, farming, fermentation, surveillance and meditation. The media of her artworks include moving images, photography, mixed media and installation.

Recently, LO is captivated by the mutual attraction, as well as the counterbalance of emotions and desires, between nature and mankind. She presented her solo exhibition ‘Down into the Abyss’ at Bonacon Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2018), ‘Slow-So TV – Ann Eilathan’s Gaze’ at Floating Projects, Hong Kong (2016) and ‘Souvenir and Gift’ at Observation Society, Guangzhou, China (2014). LO also participated in the following group exhibitions and projects: ‘The D-Tale, Video Art from the Pearl River Delta – EP-ISODE III: The Politics of the Self’ (Times Art Center, Berlin, Germany, 2018-2019); ‘Today Could Have Been a Happy Day’ (Taikang Space, Beijing, China, 2018); ‘The Fish Pond Sustainable Art Festival’ (Tai Sang Wai, Hong Kong, 2018); ‘Talkover/Handover 2.0’ (1a space, Hong Kong, 2017); ‘Oi! : Interlocutor – You Are Not Alone’ (Oi!, Hong Kong, 2017) and ‘The HK FARMers Almanac’ (Spring Workshop, Hong Kong, 2015). ‘Her moving image work Deep Flight’ was shortlisted in the 23rd ifva Awards, Hong Kong, and will be presented at the Biennale OSTRALE 019 in Germany in 2019.