AIR pollution is one of the top public heath risks in Hong Kong. Levels of pollutants often exceed the limits set by the World Health Organization, Hong Kong lags well behind other urban centres like New York, London and Tokyo that have cleaned up their air. According to a University of Hong Kong study, air pollution has led to well over 3,000 premature deaths, more than 20,000 daily doctors’ visits and a monetary loss of 39 billion HKD a year. As Asia’s leading financial centre, Hong Kong’s position is under threat as businesses relocate to alternative countries — siting mounting health concerns as a primary reason. Hong Kong’s government recently announced initiatives to tackle the problem of its polluted air, with the Environmental Protection Department slated to spend 627 million HKD on managing air quality in the current financial year. The impact of these approaches will be closely watched in Hong Kong.

Lau Ching Ping

Lau Ching Ping lives in Hong Kong. Creative works on photography, design and education. Co-editor of Dislocation magazine. Committee member of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival. Part-time lecturer at The Chinese University Hong Kong and Hong Kong University SPACE. Curator of Gallery Z.


To capture ‘Air’ the most take for granted substance of our lives,  undeniable of its existents, essential element to our lives, yet invisible to human eyes, unable to capture by camera lens of any kind. We take ‘Air’ upon our lives in different perspective, whether you considered it a solid scientific defined matter or, the spiritual existent of a city.

Individuals, included photographers, cultural workers, visual artists…., were invited within a year’s time, each choose to participate in their week, to tell their tale of ‘Air ’Hong Kong in 7 images.