About WMA Commission

The WMA Commission is committed to programmes and activities that foster deeper understanding of issues facing Hong Kong. The grant brings focus to the theme of the year through photographic artistic means introducing new perspective and expanding public awareness and knowledge. It presents the opportunity to explore the particularities of this global issue as it specifically relates to Hong Kong.


The WMA Commission invites entries for proposals from artists and photographers from both Hong Kong and the international community, to create new research based photography work in Hong Kong, focusing on the theme of the year. Project proposals must contextually relate to both the theme and to HONG KONG. A five-member Selection Panel will choose the WMA Commission recipient, who will be awarded a HKD 250,000 grant which will contribute towards production of the successful proposal and a public event featuring the completed work which will be entered into the WMA Collection. The WMA Commission is a part of the WMA programme.

By facilitating and supporting original, creative interpretations of the theme, the WMA Commission encourages a unique perspective on how Hong Kong is affected by an issue that has global implications, while increasing public awareness and knowledge. The HKD 250,000 award grant covers artist fee, creation (including such activities as research, travel and production; resources such as an assistant or translator and daily expenses) and a public event. It does not include accommodation for overseas artists[1]  or venue costs for public presentation[2], which are covered by the organiser. Overseas participants should ensure that they are able to stay for at least one month for the project and also set aside time for the public presentation.

The selection panel will pick out a number of finalists to submit a full length proposal and the finalists will be interviewed by the panel.


About WMA

WMA is a series of programmes developed to spark discussions of social issues of great importance to Hong Kong through visual images, with a view to fostering positive change. Each year, a theme is chosen for the programmes. Past themes explored included ‘Poverty’, ‘Air’, ‘Waste’, ‘Identity’, ‘Mobility’, ‘Transition’, ‘Opportunity’ and’Light’.
[1]  Accommodation costs covered is restricted to overseas artists only and is for a maximum period of 2 months subject to discussion with organisers.
[2]  Public event could take a number of forms including a press conference, seminar and/or a workshop.